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            Welcome to the official website of Shangrao Jihua Industrial Co., Ltd.!


            JIHUA PRODUCTS

            TEL: 0793-8666626



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            ShangRao JiHua industrial co., LTD.

            ShangRao JiHua industrial co. LTD, was founded in 2014,located in the economic development zone of ShangRao , JiangXi province.

            We are a developing, design, manufacturing and sales combined industrial company,We specializing in the production of Induction Coil,like IH Rice Cooker 、Induction Cooker 、IH pressure cooker,etc,these area is our compony’s main production .

            Currently ,there are four modern production lines in our compony,

            with more than 0.5 million units (sets) annual manufacturing capacity,now employs about 180 people (including engineering and manager about 30 people).

            Our company has a high level R&D team,won tens of new practical patents。We consider quality as life and products as artworks; operate with strict products design, production management and after service system. We have passed the certification of ISO9001:2008.

            Our compony adhering to the "technology to create advantages, occupy the market with quality, service win customers" as business philosophy, we use "Integrity, Innovation, Rigorous and Pragmatic" as the enterprise culture, in order to "Quality first, Customer first, Continuous improvement, excellence" as the quality policy to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad, with "Unity struggle and made up" as the core values. We committed to grow up to be a last, a respected ,Induction coil of professional manufacturers.